Show Fees

Lake St. Louis Stables competes in many horse shows throughout the year. 

These show charge rates are effective as of Aug, 2017.

The ribbon collection at a show.


Lake St. Louis Stables provides coaching at shows at the rate of $45.00 per day with a $140.00 per day minimum.  

Trainer Rides

  •  Schooling ride at show - $35.00

  •  Showing horse - $35.00 per class

Trainer Expenses

The trainer's expenses for meals and lodging are divided equally by the number of horses at the show.

Debbie Hubbard

Trailer Fees

All trailer fees are priced for multiple horses.

NEC $35.00  Kansas City, KS $210.00
Bridlespur $50.00  Topeka, KS $275.00
Columbia $130.00  Kentucky $275.00
Fulton $115.00  Springfield, IL $235.00
Queeny Park $65.00   Chicago, IL $275.00
Mason City, IA $375.00   Champagne, IL $220.00
Rommey, IN $275.00   New Haven $150.00


  •  Full Body - $125.00

  •  Modified - $80.00