Photo Gallery


Debbie and Doc
Debbie & Doc going out to play.
Lisa and Marquesa
Lisa & Marquesa ("Mickie") on the Stadium Course at the Queeny Park Horse Trials.
Doc playing in one of the paddocks.

Daniel & Count



Tiffany & Val



Debbie & Midge

Sarah & Debbie

Debbie, Doc & Jeanette
Spencer and River after the ride at a show.
Spencer & Riverdance

Spencer, Guinness & Riverdance

Daniel & Viscount

Debbie, Jade & Midge

Melissa, Debbie, Grace, Cindy, Janice,Midge & Debbie B.

Maddie and Tina feeding Brighton an apple

Boarder Trail Ride

Boarder Trail Ride

Pasture time at LSLS

Chelsea and "Rowan"

Abby and "Lily"


Christmas 2016 Christmas 2016


Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016