Photo Gallery


Debbie and Doc
Debbie & Doc going out to play.
Lisa and Marquesa
Lisa & Marquesa ("Mickie") on the Stadium Course at the Queeny Park Horse Trials.
Doc playing in one of the paddocks.

Daniel & Count



Tiffany & Val



Debbie & Midge

Sarah & Debbie

Debbie, Doc & Jeanette
Spencer and River after the ride at a show.
Spencer & Riverdance

Spencer, Guinness & Riverdance

Daniel & Viscount

Debbie, Jade & Midge

Melissa, Debbie, Grace, Cindy, Janice,Midge & Debbie B.

Maddie and Tina feeding Brighton an apple

Boarder Trail Ride

Boarder Trail Ride

Pasture time at LSLS

Chelsea and "Rowan"

Abby and "Lily"