These boarding rates are effective as of February 15, 2019

Basic Board

Basic board is $630.00 per month.  This includes four (4) feedings (per day) and the stall cleaned six (6) days per week.  Horses are fed a good quality grass hay and Strategy.

Special Feeds

Equine Senior, Ultium, and L/S are also available for an additional charge.


There are 22 separate turnout areas that are used weather permitting -  dirt/sand paddocks, grass paddocks, and pastures.  The following turnout options are available.

  •  3 Days per Week - $30.00 per month

  •  5 Days per Week - $45.00 per month

  •  Occasional Turnout - $3.50 per occurrence

Fly Spray System and Fans

The barn is equipped with an automated fly spray system that operates during the fly season.  In addition, each stall has a box fan.  (Box fans are supplied by boarders.)  All boarders are charged as follows for these amenities.

  •  May - $20.00 start-up charge for fly spray system

  •  June through October - $10.00 per month for fans and fly spray system